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The amazingly popular Christine and Peter Padwick shows continue in 2018 and now into 2019! 

4th anniversary celebration on 10th October 2018

Padwick 4th anniv


Wed 12th Dec: Christmas

Betjeman, carols, Irving Berlin, St Nicholas, Jilly Cooper, indigestion, Cromwell, cards, Charles Causley, robins, Shirley Temple & more

Wed 16th Jan: A Century of Ordinary Songs

Ballads, ragtime, courting, marriage, Harry Champion, inventions, the seaside, protest songs, crime & punishment, the working class & more

Wed 13th Feb: The English (Note date change!)

Bud Flanagan, morris dancing, Henry V, class, Rudyard Kipling, tea, the weather, Flanders & Swann, dogs, St George, Betjeman & more

Wed 6th Mar: The Cinema

Hitchcock, Wurlitzers, Al Jolson, usherettes, Hollywood, Pathe News, Oscars, Pearl & Dean, Judy Garland, Michael Caine, Disney & more

Wed 24th Apr: The Bed

Mattresses, laziness, John Denver, bed bugs, nightmares, candles, Shakespeare, snoring, Lady Hamilton, Peggy Lee, dreams & more

Wed 22nd May: Mothers

The Brontes, ITMA, Mothering Sunday, Whistler, simnel cake, JS Bach, Cynthia Payne, salmon, ‘Cider with Rosie’, Pam Ayres, infants & more

Wed 19th Jun: The Victorians

The rich & the poor, work & leisure, Prince Albert, Mrs Beeton, satire, the Tolpuddle Martyrs, workhouses, Gladstone, football, cricket & more

Wed 18th Sep: The Edwardians

Suffragettes, Baden-Powell, Pathe News, Marconi, Boer War, Titanic,  HG Wells, Rolls Royce, Temperance, Captain Scott, Marmite & more

Wed 16th Oct: Rivers

Showboat, the Mersey, bridges, Wind in the Willows, Schubert, Henley, Poohsticks, Dartford, fishing, Stanley Holloway, the Nile, ferries & more

Wed 20th Nov: The Queen – Snapshots of A Life

Wed 4th Dec: Love


Each show bristling with music, laughter, songs & facts
2.45 for 3pm: The Salvation Army Church, Salt Lane SP1 1EE
£5 on entry – ring Gordon on 01722 504295 to book or just turn up.
Every penny goes to: Salisbury Trust for the Homeless

For fundraising events please phone Gordon Pardy on 01722 504295 or email if you would like to become involved.


  • Salisbury Trust for the Homeless received an Office of Police Crime and Commissioner (OPCC) grant from Wiltshire Community Foundation. The grant aims to support projects which seek to bring communities together to tackle local issues to improve trust and understanding. With this funding the organisation can continue to provide housing for adults in a safe environment.WCF_Logo
  • As of November 2018 the total fundraising from Padwick Shows since October 2014 now stands at £12,189!
  • 74% of clients who left our service in FY 2017/18 returned to independent living, a great result!