• Tesco Amesbury made a very generous donation of toiletries to STFH on 14th March 2020 following our collection day at the store. Photo at foot of page shows Store Manager Patrick Piercy presenting STFH Head of Fundraising Gordon Pardy with a full trolley of goods. These will make a real difference to our clients’ feeling of well being and be much appreciated.
  • STFH has been chosen as one of the good causes to benefit from the Salisbury Waitrose green token scheme for the whole of March. Every month, each store donates a share of £1,000 between three causes. In store, customers are given a green token at the checkout to place in one of three boxes, each allocated to a different cause. The more tokens a cause receives, the bigger the donation it receives. So, please think of STFH next time you’re shopping at Salisbury Waitrose!
  • We are thrilled to announce that South Wilts Grammar School has nominated STFH as its local charity of the year as of October 2019.
  • We are equally thrilled that solicitors Batt Broadbent has nominated STFH as its charity of the year.
  • As of February 2020 the total fundraising from Padwick Shows since October 2014 now stands at £17,090!
  • In financial year 2018/19, over four out of five of our clients who left our service returned to independent living.