Links to our Friends and Associates

Below are some links to websites of our friends and associates.

BCHA are a specialist Third Sector housing and support organisation, offering a wide range of help to people in vulnerable circumstances and to professionals trying to equip those in need. Whether you’re facing life on the street or a circle of issues you want to break out of, BCHA can help.BCHA is the parent company to Hyped, Sequal Solutions and STFH
Hyped – part of the BCHA family, supporting Young People in DorsetDemoralised young people come to HYPED when the ownership of their lives is slipping from them. They may find themselves homeless: they may find their lives taken over by drugs or drink. Maybe, to their surprise, they have become pregnant or something has gone wrong with their sex life.
Service Users and Residents Forum.We exist firstly to look at all the services within BCHA and give real feedback. Our vision is to have service user input at every level of the organisation, to make a difference to people’s experience here, when they come looking for help. In fact, without us, BCHA can’t do its job properly.
Learning744:New skills unlock new opportunities – and we can help you find them. From a new job to a new direction, your next step might be with us.
Sequal Solutions Limited – a wholly owned subsidiary of BCHA and a Social Enterprise. Sequal provides a growing range of services, currently including the provision of temporary staff, childcare nurseries and property & grounds maintenance