How are you funded? We receive no government funding. Our clients pay rent for their accommodation, but other than that we rely entirely on donations and our fundraising activities.

How many people do you accommodate and support? At any one time, 33 people over the age of 18 in nine 3- and 4-bedroomed shared houses on the outskirts of Salisbury. Every year we help over 60 people who have become homeless.

Are you all volunteers? We are all volunteers except for our three professional support workers.

What support do you give your clients? Each client has a dedicated support worker who works with him or her, following an agreed action plan to: develop essential life skills; identify and develop options for the future; access education, training and employment; access permanent housing; return to independent living. This can take up to two years.

Do you just help people from the Salisbury area? We help anyone with a Wiltshire connection.

Why are they homeless? There are many causes of homelessness, the biggest of which is relationship breakdown, accounting for 40% of cases. Other causes include coming from an  Institutional background – been in care, prison, armed forces; drug or alcohol abuse; poor health – physical and mental; lack of social support – family and friends; unemployment.

Do you run a night shelter? No, there is no night shelter in Salisbury, although other organisations provide limited emergency accommodation on the coldest winter nights.

How is St Paul’s Homes going? St Paul’s Homes is a BCHA (our parent organisation) project. We helped raise over £250,000 from charitable trusts and other donors towards the refurbishment of the buildings.

Are you part of the Trussell Trust? No, they operate foodbanks; we help people who have become homeless.

Are you anything to do with Alabaré? No, they are a different organisation offering help to homeless people all over the south west.